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Life changing training is providing PeopleNTech said at Alumni Summit

The evening was for the alumnus of PeopleNTech. They all came to tell their stories of moving forward and success. They narrated how a four-month training program has changed their lives. They said, not only their own, but their family's landscape has changed. And above all, they now can build a worthy future generation. Each of them is now a skilled IT professional in the mainstream of the United States. Some of them are project managers, some are project leads. Some are now trainers and teachers themselves.The event was PeopleNTech's Alumni Summit 2022. These alums gathered at a party hall in Queens, New York. Abubokor Hanip, founder and CEO of PeopleNTech and now chancellor and chairman of Washington University of Science and Technology-WUST, was in the center of the event. Farhana Hanip, President of PeopleNTech and CFO of WUST was present. And they were surrounded by all the officials of the company's New York, Virginia, New Jersey offices.The main attraction of the event was the alums whose stories mesmerized everyone present.New York dignitaries were invited to it. Consul General of Bangladesh in New York Dr. Monirul Islam was present as the chief guest. Syed Ashikur Rahman, CEO of RTV in Bangladesh was present as the special guest. Heads of various media outlets were present.Successful alums told their stories and each of these stories was unique. Just as they have shared how important the role of PeopleNTech was in building their lives.They refer to PeopleNTech's training as life changing. And everyone repeatedly mentioned about Engineer Abubokor Hanip as the architect of their fate change.They were talking about the trainers who trained them in the classes. They were talking about Farhana Hanip, president of PeopleNTech who has been working relentlessly to take the organization onward with all efforts.Engineer Abubokor Hanip also shared his own story to all. He told how he established himself in this IT sector after passing a struggling time when he came to study in this country.The story of Abubokor Hanip is an inspiration for everyone, speakers said.Abubokor Hanip told that he left a lucrative job with reputed company in handsome salary to take efforts so that people could change their lives in the way he has changed his own. And keeping that motto in mind, he founded PeopleNTech.Hanip said that some 18 years ago in 2004 he took a vow to bring the people of the Bangladeshi community out of the life of struggle in this country and give them a beautiful life. And thus, PeopleNTech started. Initially, there was only one student. But after that student got a job six-digit job in the mainstream, more students started to join. Since then, there was no looking back. Gradually it continued to grow.And during this period, PeopleNTech has trained nearly 8,000 Bangladeshis in IT who have got mainstream job in the United States. They are now living a comfortable life. And they are raising their future generation well. Moreover, they also play a role in the progress of Bangladesh by sending high figure remittances.In his speech, Abubokor Hanip highlighted the Washington University of Science and Technology, which is currently being run by him, and said that it is a fulfillment of his long-cherished dream. He said there is no alternative to skill based institutional education and training to take the Bangladeshi community forward in the mainstream in the United States. Washington University of Science and Technology is run through a skills-based curriculum.The teachers here are simultaneously scholars and experienced from the industry. They bring their experience and skills from the industry to the classroom. And due to their teaching through it, students can move from university to work by having skillful knowledge.The students of WUST have also started joining in the mainstream in big companies. Engineer Abubokor Hanip also expressed the hope that at one time the alums of WUST will occupy the high positions of Fortune Hundred Companies in this country. And he said, that's not only a dream but also a goal.Farhana Hanip, President of PeopleNTech, said, "Today we want to celebrate the success of our alams. The alums are all in our hearts. Some have now risen to a higher level, we are proud of their achievements."She called on peopleNTech's alumni to stand by them to make The Washington University of Science and Technology a success. Farhana Hanip expressed her gratitude for the continued support from the community as well.Congratulating the successful alums of PeopleNTech, The Chief Guest Dr. Monirul Islam said, "Your successes impress us and make Bangladesh proud."Noting that Abubokor Hanip has set an example, Dr. Monirul said he (Mr. Hanip) likes to 'give' to people. He has trained people, taught them and at the same time has taken all kinds of initiatives to 'give' them work. It is this mentality of giving to others that has taken him to such a height that everyone feels proud of him.Few of the Bangladeshi diaspora have been able to keep their footprints in the United States, Abubokor Hanip is one of them, said Dr. Monirul Islam.Special Guest Syed Ashiqur Rahman praised the success of PeopleNTech and said that the efforts of Abubokor Hanip and Farhana Hanip to take The Washington University of Science and Technology forward are worth to mention.Later, crests and flower bouquets were presented to the successful alums as a recognition. All the officials of PeopleNTech were also given crests and bouquets of flowers as greeting souvenir. Abubokor Hanip and Farhana Hanip were also given special honors while engineer Abubokor Hanip handed over the crest to the special guest and the chief guest.Then group photos were taken. And finally, the 2022 Alumni Summit of PeopleNTech ended with a delicious dinner.

Covid recovery scholarship 2020

PeopleNTech Bangladesh campus has declared covid recovery scholarship 2020 for 2000 students.On a live program, 24th July, 2020 at NRBConnect TV from USA founder and CEO of PeopleNTech Engr. Abubokor Hanip declared the scholarship for the 2000 students in 09 courses which is equivalent to 2 crore taka. Engr. Hanip added, the objectives of this scholarship is to develop 2000 skilled employees of Bangladesh who can earn at least 50000 taka in month or they can join in a company after the corona pandemic situation is over.These courses are completely free. Students don’t need to payment for the training. All courses and classes will be conducting in online. Registration link for the course: at 2018 PeopleNTech USA provided 1-million-dollar scholarship where almost 400 students trained and placed job in different renown tech giant company in USA. Besides that, this company provided Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen scholarship at 2019 in USA. These students abled to get their dream job by this scholarship after successfully completion of training.  PeopleNTech is multinational and US based company. Head office located at Tyson corner, Virginia, USA. Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen awarded Engr. Abubokor Hanip as a “Magic Man” for his tremendous success and contribution in Placement after IT training. Mr. Hanip already placed more then 6,000 students in USA and more then 4,000 in Bangladesh. 100% Scholarship courses are:CompTIA A+    Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft ExcelWeb Design     Database MySQL   Adobe Photoshop   Video EditingProgramming in C#Local SEOLast date of registration for Covid recovery scholarship 20th August, 2020 and class will be starting after 1st September 2020. For details please

LICT & PeopleNTech jointly started Software Testing Training via online

The acquisition and distribution of our knowledge do not stop at lockdown. Therefore, On May 4, PeopleNTech in collaboration with LICT Launched an online training course “Software Testing Batch-02”. Participants across Bangladesh took part in the opening training session.These days as software testing is moving towards automation, most of the software testers, as well as QAs, are switching themselves from Manual testing to Automated testing. Today, Automated software testing is considered as one of the most trending terms in the field of software testing, as it is considered as one of the efficient as well as effective software methodology, making the overall software development/testing life cycle better and taking it to some different level.Orientation class of “Software Testing Batch-02” course was successfully completed. Although there is a desire to start the class offline with 100% scholarship, it is being started online considering the overall situation. Around 2300 Participants applied for the course and 20 of them selected based on online Assessment.Honorable CEO of PeopleNTech Limited Engineer Abubakar Hanip, COO Abdul Hamid and Senior Faculty Mehdi Zaman was present in the orientation class online.The orientation class of the online training program starts with the introductory part. In the presence of the students, COO Sir explained the course in detail and mentioned the needs of Software Testing in the context of Bangladesh and the opportunity to build a successful career. He said, "There is no option in contrast to acquiring skills in this lockdown. Get the hang of something right now with the goal that you don't need to sob for a vocation next time or see yourself in a vastly improved position."Our faculty shared their identity and their meritorious work experience as well as market research in this sector.From that point forward, the Honorable CEO Sir went along with us from far-away America. He encouraged everybody to know about the Corona circumstance and talked about the excursion of PeopleNTech. Urging youngsters to create abilities, he stated, "Quality can never be undermined. Manufacture your quality so that nobody questions it. We have been working on software testing in America for a long time, there are understudies here who have taken in work from HSC or non-IT foundation and are as of now winning Rs 12 lakh for each month. We must teach you, but at the same time we have to do our own research to fill the gaps,” he said.There was also a question and answer session for the students, where they asked questions on various topics and ended today's class by solving them.This course offers 250 hours of Software Testing Training for professionals and students to become a Certified Quality Analyst. In QA Training, participants will learn the necessary skills and knowledge in Automation Testing. Additionally, this course will include software testing fundamentals and advanced skills. Students will work on real-world projects and case studies to help them get hands-on experience.