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ICT Division and the World Bank will collaborate to develop ICT infrastructure

According to World Bank vice president Junaid Kamal Ahmad, the ICT Division and the World Bank would collaborate to establish ICT infrastructure in Bangladesh to advance the country's economic growth.According to a release, he said that today at a meeting with state minister for information and communications technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak in the latter's office in the ICT Division.They also talked about Bangladesh's startup scene, finance, and nanotechnology.According to the announcement, the World Bank will also offer general help in luring investment for the country's transformation and to establish a smart and inventive Bangladesh by 2041.

top 10 skills that is required for freelancing

Technology, marketing, and customer service skills that are in demand for the freelancing world. Finding and honing a talent is the first step to take if you want to change careers this year.The best freelancing talents you may master this year to launch a new profession and make more money as a freelancer are highlighted in this post.The categories for making the most money as a freelancer are described in my earlier piece about the top paid freelance work. The list that follows distills those categories down to their most basic components to recommend certain abilities you should start honing right immediately.You'll see that I recommend novices acquire a marketable ability that is in high demand if you've read my book or followed the getting started guide.I used data from two polls (from Flexjobs, Indeed, and UpWork) to compile this list of the most in-demand talents. Some of these abilities can appear sophisticated or challenging, but if you comprehend them, learning them is not too challenging."To remain competitive, every organization is striving for the greatest employees. To find independent talent with advanced skills in fields like technology, marketing, or customer service, one must frequently look beyond hiring conventional full-time employees, according to Margaret Lilani, vice president of talent solutions at Upwork. Our research shows that, in addition to the enormous need for a wide range of professional talents, both large and small firms are changing the way they acquire talent and turning to freelancers to cover important skills gaps.According to a new Upwork research, skilled remote freelancing is still expanding. This past year, 53 percent of all freelancers offered specialized skills like computer programming or marketing, up from 50 percent the year before. According to Upwork's rankings of the most in-demand talents, highly skilled independent workers will be crucial to bridging talent shortages and meeting organizations' most urgent requirements in 2022.Upwork’s top 10 most in-demand tech skills:Web DesignWordPressWeb ProgrammingJavaScriptCSSHTMLPHPShopifyAPIGraphic DesignUpwork’s top 10 most in-demand marketing skills:Social Media MarketingLead GenerationFacebookSEOB2B MarketingInstagramMarketing StrategySocial Media ManagementEmail MarketingMarketing ResearchUpwork’s top 10 most in-demand customer service skills:Customer ServiceCustomer SupportEmail CommunicationPhone SupportEmail SupportCommunication EtiquetteOnline Chat SupportAnswering Product QuestionsData EntryAdministrative SupportFinding the right skill with good demand is important to earn more money as a freelancer. But, it’s even more important to find something that you enjoy doing.Don’t try to learn these skills if you don’t have any interest in them. Learn what you’d enjoy doing and you won’t have to “work” a day in your life.

Make money online from Youtube and Facebook

Some content creators in Bangladesh are earning lakhs of BDT a month from YouTube and Facebook. Many young people in Bangladesh are now professionally creating content for YouTube and Facebook. These videos are being watched countless times.Rasheduzzaman Rakib is a popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. The number of subscribers to his RNA channel on YouTube in three years is around seven lakh. He made funny videos on various topics of the film.And Mashroor Inan, also known as Keto Bhai, has got around two and a half lakh subscribers in one year. Here's how to make money from YouTube and Facebook:Creating a channel: In case of YouTube, you have to create a channel first. Channels can be created by logging into YouTube using Gmail.You need to create your own page on Facebook, where your content will be displayed.You must be at least 18 years of age or older to do this.Content sorting and creation:YouTuber Rasheduzzaman Rakib says that when choosing content, one should consider that it is something exceptional, different. Because now countless people are creating content on YouTube and Facebook, there is a lot of competition.People may not be interested unless there is something exceptional. '' You have to upload content regularly, you have to be consistent. The target should be to upload at least one video per week. " For this, such as educational pages, various information about technology, funny videos, videos about games, children's toys, food and drink, book or movie reviews, etc. can be created.The videos have to be clear, the sound can be heard well, the editing work has to be good. Along with the title, the use of various words must be right. However, YouTube or Facebook, whatever medium the content is created for, cannot be copyrighted by anyone else.

Bangladesh is the second largest in the world in the freelancing industry - Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Junaid Ahmed Palak has said that the youth of Bangladesh is being made efficient by making maximum use of the potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The state minister for ICT said this while highlighting the youth development plan suitable for the fourth industrial revolution.State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak addressed the Global Young Leader Summit 2020 online as a keynote speaker on Wednesday (November 18th).At the same time, he said, "Bangladesh's youth society is being made efficient by making maximum use of its potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution." ICT has been made compulsory in secondary and higher secondary schools to create technology based skilled human resources. In addition, advanced digital labs are being set up in various educational institutions. ’The State Minister for ICT said, "The government under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has various plans including construction of 64 Sheikh Kamal IT Incubation Centers, Schools of Future and 13,000 Sheikh Russell Digital Labs in educational institutions across the country." These activities are playing a significant role in human resource development. There are more than six lakh freelancers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the second largest in the world in the freelancing industry. ’He said that despite the corona virus epidemic, the country's economy has been kept afloat by using digital technology to achieve 5.2 percent GDP growth in June this year. He also opined that the GDP of Bangladesh will increase from 348 billion US dollars to 600 billion US dollars by 2030 through the implementation of Digital Bangladesh Vision.Junaid Ahmed Palak said that even during the epidemic, the ICT department provided training to about 50,000 youths and women using digital technology. Our main goal is to make Bangladesh the 27th largest economy by 2030 and a knowledge-based economy and high-income country by 2041 with a per capita income of US 12,000. ’

Covid recovery scholarship 2020

PeopleNTech Bangladesh campus has declared covid recovery scholarship 2020 for 2000 students.On a live program, 24th July, 2020 at NRBConnect TV from USA founder and CEO of PeopleNTech Engr. Abubokor Hanip declared the scholarship for the 2000 students in 09 courses which is equivalent to 2 crore taka. Engr. Hanip added, the objectives of this scholarship is to develop 2000 skilled employees of Bangladesh who can earn at least 50000 taka in month or they can join in a company after the corona pandemic situation is over.These courses are completely free. Students don’t need to payment for the training. All courses and classes will be conducting in online. Registration link for the course: at 2018 PeopleNTech USA provided 1-million-dollar scholarship where almost 400 students trained and placed job in different renown tech giant company in USA. Besides that, this company provided Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen scholarship at 2019 in USA. These students abled to get their dream job by this scholarship after successfully completion of training.  PeopleNTech is multinational and US based company. Head office located at Tyson corner, Virginia, USA. Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen awarded Engr. Abubokor Hanip as a “Magic Man” for his tremendous success and contribution in Placement after IT training. Mr. Hanip already placed more then 6,000 students in USA and more then 4,000 in Bangladesh. 100% Scholarship courses are:CompTIA A+    Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft ExcelWeb Design     Database MySQL   Adobe Photoshop   Video EditingProgramming in C#Local SEOLast date of registration for Covid recovery scholarship 20th August, 2020 and class will be starting after 1st September 2020. For details please

Google adsense fast approval tips

How to quickly get Google AdSense approval? (Fast adsense approval Tips)You have already got an idea about Google AdSense and you might be finding the way or the procedure to earn money from your personal blog or You Tube Channel through Google AdSense.Hence, Google creates such a massive opportunity for both the business owner and digital marketer where both parties will be benefited.I must assure you that, Google is one of the most reliable and reputed company around the world. You can earn as much as possible from Google AdSense. Google will pay you according to your traffic and visitors  But, most of the blogger or You Tuber face problem to get approval from AdSense at the very beginning. As Like others, you might face challenges to get approval from Google AdSense.  Don’t Worry!!!Here, I will describe you each and every details about “How to quickly get Google AdSense approval.”I will share the step-by-step procedure to get approval from Google AdSense and rules to start your monetization within short period of time.Let’s do start!!!Basic Concepts about Google AdSense:As Google Adsense has already established a platform for every Blogger and YouTuber to generate and earn money. So, Google AdSense will must approve your blog, website or your You Tube Channel.Before getting the approval for Google AdSense, you must meet all the criteria and requirement as well. You have to follow all the regulation and policies already set by the Google.Once you get the approval from Google AdSense for your blog, website and You Tube Channel. You can start earning through the advertisement.But, when a Blogger or You Tuber does not get the approval quickly, he gets frustrated. It is pretty sure, if you do apply without maintaining rules, then AdSense will never approve your blog, website, You Tube for monetization.So, most newbie bloggers do email and ask queries:Why Google AdSense is not still approving my blog?Why Google AdSense is rejecting my blog?How quickly I will get approval from Google Ad SenseThe Rules of Google AdSense:The easier it is to make money from blogs through AdSense, the harder it is to get Google AdSense approval.We all know that before showing AdSense ads on the blog, we have to follow some rules and regulations and then go to the Google AdSense website and create an Adsense account. In the end, we have to name the new blog and website in that AdSense account.Once you register your blog and website name on the AdSense website, you have nothing at hand.Google employees visit your website or blog in a variety of ways, and AdSense does not allow ads to be displayed on your site unless you observe specific rules. And as a result, your submission is rejected.So, before applying for AdSense, you have to keep in mind some special rules. If you follow the rules and then apply, Adsense will quickly approve your new blog or website within one week.Nine rules to get Adsense approval quickly:To get approval by Adsense on your new blog very easily and quickly, you have to look at the following things with a lot of minds.1. Use Premium Domain:If you are using a free domain name for your blog or website, change it now. Having a premium domain (.com, .info, .net, .org) is very important to get AdSense approval quickly. You will never get AdSense from subdomains or free domains like (.tk .ml)etc. So, You need to select a good quality domain. And long ago, Google used to give AdSense only if it was a sub-domain of Blogger. But now that day is no more. Choose a good domain regardless of which CMS you belong to, Blogger, or WordPress. Make yourself trustworthy to Google. You need to be a trusted person to Google.2. Add important pages:There must be some essential pages to get approved by AdSense on the blog or website. E.g., Privacy policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us. If these pages are made in a blog, it takes a lot of professionals to see any blog or website. Therefore, the chances of getting AdSense approval quickly increase a lot.3. Fast and clean website:Of course, remember that your blog is very fast and clean. This means that the blog's loading speed should be good and, at the same time, view the blog so that it is much more clean and more transparent. Use a good and clean theme blog.4. Write Minimum of 20 articles:You can't apply for a blog with a blank or no content for AdSense. And if you do, AdSense will never approve that blog.So, in your blog, write at least 20 useful articles before applying for AdSense. Moreover, there should be two articles in each category in the blog.Remember, if there is any kind of copied content in the blog, AdSense will not approve your blog.So, write original and good quality content. Write more content then apply. Many people apply for AdSense with less content. If you don't get AdSense before thinking, then give the content. This is a serious mistake, at least 20-25 hours, with good content to apply to Google AdSense. Then the chances of getting AdSense will increase a lot.5. Don't use copyright images:Remember, never download and use any image from Google in your blog article. Using copyrighted images or images provided by others does not imply your own content. So, it is tough to get approval from AdSense if you use such images. Using Pixabey and Pexels, you will get thousands of good copyright free pictures for your blog.6. Don't use other ad networks:When you apply for Google AdSense, make sure there are no other ad network ads on your blog. Hide ads from other ad network companies. No. So it is better to refrain from any other company's ad. And if you can't do that, remove the other ad as soon as you apply for AdSense. After getting AdSense, you can put the previous ad again7. Write long articles:Even if you take your time, you need to make sure that every article written on the blog is within a minimum of 1000 to 1500 words. If your original article is less than 1000 words, AdSense will quickly think of your blog as a high-quality blog. In this way, the chances of getting approval easily are much higher.8. Unique Visitor:If your site has a lot of unique visitors, your chances of getting AdSense will increase greatly. So try to bring unique visitors to your site. SEO can bring a lot of unique visitors. Increase the number of visitors by making the site popular, if your website is business-related, it is excellent. Create a user-friendly website. Refrain from taking paid traffic9. Age of site or domain:To get Google AdSense approved, your website must be more than 3 or 4 months old. It can be done even if it is 1-2 months. Otherwise, Google will not give you AdSense.If you can follow the above mentioned rules, you will definitely get Google AdSense, within a very short time. AdSense will approve your blog or you tube channel.So, how to get AdSense approval quickly, hopefully, you will already get your answer.Increase Google Adsense Income:

Freelancing is the Future: Polok

Freelancing is the future. In order to ensure self-employment for 70 percent of the country's youth in the future, the ICT Department's Learning and Learning Project has launched an online training program. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junayed Ahmed Polok on Sunday inaugurated the virtual 200-hour training on the web, graphics, and digital marketing in 15 districts as a pilot project.ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam presided over the function while Learning and Learning Development Project Director (Deputy Secretary) Md. Akhtar Mamun and training materials planner Shafiul Alam spoke on the occasion. State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak was the chief guest at the occasion.Mentioning that 'technology has opened up knowledge', the state minister said at the time, under the Learning and Learning project, 1 lakh 85 thousand students registered to take online training. However, 40,000 people will be trained in 492 locations in the country, divided into 15 parts with PC and high-speed uninterrupted internet connection. For this 39 IT companies have been recruited. KPI is being given the utmost importance in training evaluation.Junayed Ahmed Polok said, online class, is our future. And Corona has opened new horizons in online education. We hope that online classes will eliminate urban-rural inequality.Mentioning that 'Internet Plus' has started in every sphere of life at this time, the state minister said that with the creation of high-speed internet and payment gateway infrastructure at the union level across the country, we are now able to start freelancer training activities online. Even after passing SSC and HSC, the visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has continued this initiative in Corona to train the youth and make them self-employed.  

3 freelancing marketplaces suitable for beginners

What is Freelancing? what are the 3 freelancing marketplaces suitable for beginners?The word Freelance is a combination of the words Free and Lance. The word has been growing in popularity since the early 1900's.A freelancer is a person who works independently without any type of contract with a specific organization. There may not be a specific remuneration for his work, and the subject may not be specified in full time or part time.Simply put, a freelancer is a free-spirited person who works for a variety of organizations according to his or her skills.For example: a writer who writes some content for a person or organization. Similarly, a logo designer designs a logo for a person or organization for a while.Table of contents:The benefits of freelancingThe difficulty of freelancing3 suitable marketplaces for starting a freelance careerFiverrThe advantage of FiverrPeoplePerHour (PPH)Features a good HourlieUpworkSome rules for working on upworkMy opinionThe benefits of freelancing:A freelancer chooses the job of his choice, in which case no one can force him to do any work. It is often up to you to decide how much you will pay.You can start freelancing at any time. It does not require much preparation. Only if you are proficient in a particular subject can you start working on it. A freelancer is able to decide for himself which person or organization he will work with. In this case, he has full freedom of will.If you are a freelancer you will set your own work schedule. There is freedom in scheduling work here. In a word, a freelancer draws his own schedule and manages it himself.The difficulty of freelancing:There is a lot of competition to survive. Nowadays, if one wants to start freelancing, he has to face a lot of competition. Because, the number of freelancers is constantly increasing.Since a freelancer chooses the job of his choice, he may not always have a job.You have to work with different clients at different times. So keeping everyone equally satisfied is a little harder later, much more challenging.It may take you a long time to get the first job and your work rate may be relatively low. Creating a good client base is a time consuming task, in which case you need to be patient.3 marketplaces suitable for starting a freelance career:Now I will introduce you to three popular marketplaces from which you can start your freelance career.1. FiverrFiverr is a micro-freelance marketplace and is currently the most popular among newcomers or Bangladeshis. If you are proficient in a particular job, then you can provide your services in Fiverr.Website: How?There are a total of eight categories in Fiverr and there are many sub-categories in each category.There are eight main categories of Fiverr-Graphics and designDigital marketingWriting and translationVideos and animationsMusic and audioProgramming and techBusinessFun and lip styleThere are also many sub-categories in each category. From this you need to start working by determining your category.The advantage of Fiverr:It is very easy to create an account here, any new person can easily create an account here. Fiber is like a stall or shop where you can arrange some of your designated products or services, which are called gigs.A gig means a job such as: keyword research.Suppose you can do keyword research. Then you can sell your service here, which can be priced (minimum $5 - maximum $995) You can sell this one service again in three packages (Basic, Standard and Premium).Here you can also work through buyer or client request.You can easily withdraw money through PayPal or Pioneer card. You can easily get a free Pioneer pre-paid master card from Bangladesh.Withdrawal Processing Fee - $1 fee up to the first $20 and 5% of the total upwards of $20If you can work on Fiverr for a while then this may be the first step in starting your freelancing career.2.PeoplePerHour (PPH)This marketplace is also very popular with newcomers and here you can get a fair reward for your work.Website: Like Fiverr, here are some categories from which you can choose your choice.There are eight main categories of PeoplePerHour-DesignWriting and translationVideo, photos and audioBusiness supportSocial mediaSales and MarketingSoftware development and mobileWeb developmentHere too you can create a service according to your work skills, which is called Hourlie. The more interestingly you create this service or hourly, the more your sales will grow. Also, here you can bid on buyers' requests.Features a good Hourlie:The title is very important for your hourly. Your title should be clear, easy to understand and beautiful.In the description of your Hourlie, you tell the buyer in detail why he needs this service and how he will benefit from it.The more detailed your service, the more sales it will have.You can use bullet points, text modifiers such as bold in your writing. This makes your service look more beautiful.Use beautiful and unique pictures for your Hourlie. Because, a beautiful picture makes your service more lively to the client.You can increase your sales by using extra add-ons in Hourlie.You will be given 15 proposal credits as new.3. UpworkA much more popular freelance marketplace but now it has become a bit difficult for Bangladeshis to work here.Website: Upwork is currently recognizing a very small number of accounts from Bangladesh. However, in my opinion, those who have some work experience should try upwork.Upwork you can work in a total of 12 categories, these are-Web, mobile and software developmentDesign and CreativeAdmin supportIT and networkingWritingCustomer serviceData Science and AnalyticsSales and MarketingTranslationEngineering and ArchitectureAccounting and consultingLegalSome rules for working on upwork: The first requirement for working here is a 100% approved profile. Where beautifully your name, your skills, description, job rate and a picture of you will be given.In Upwork you have to bid for different jobs with this profile.Here you will find two types of work, 1. Hourly and II. Fixed prize.As a new freelancer, you will get 60 Connects, with which you will bid for the job. A job will cost a minimum of 1 - a maximum of 5 connections.Then you have to Buy the connects.per connect fee is $0.15You need to have an account with any bank in Bangladesh to withdraw money from Upwork. You can send money directly to that account.My opinion:I think Fiverr is the perfect platform for those of you who are just getting started.Why choose Fiverr-Easily create accountsProvide service according to one's own skillsEasy to find work in small and small areasEasy withdrawal from BangladeshHopefully, those of you who have not yet decided how and where to start, at least don't be late, start working. If you like my article, please share it on your social network and give newcomers a chance to know. If you have any questions you can comment below, but please comment on the topic discussed in this post.I look forward to your shares and comments.

10 important tips and tricks to increase your Google AdSense revenue

The most popular way to earn money online is to follow all the rules of Google Adsense and Adsense is also the easiest way to earn money. If you follow all the guidelines of Google Adsense blogging then you will easily be able to earn a lot of good money from your blog by approving Adsense and showing ads correctly.Many people are disappointed that Google Adsense was able to approve after a long effort but could not increase revenue. As a result, some people support using Google Adsense. In fact, such an idea is not right at all. The main reason Google Adsense revenue is not increasing is the inability to use it properly. If you can use Google Adsense ads in the right place, you can easily get a good amount of money from your blog. If you follow all the tips below, Google Adsense revenue will increase.Details at a glance-Following the Google AdSense Policy:Using Responsive AdSense Ad Units:Put the ad code in the right placePublish regular content:Increasing the load time of the blog:Remove other adsUsing Google AdSense Referrals:Use of Google Products Monetization:Use Google AdSense Standard Ad Size:High Paying Ads and Keywords:01. Following the Google AdSense Policy:Most publishers never think about this. They think it will not have much effect on the blog. Before applying to Google Adsense and after entering the code, they must read the complete Adsense Guideline and follow everything correctly. Doing something without following the Google Adsense Guidelines can ban your Google Adsense account at any time instead of increasing your revenue. Below are some of the major Google Adsense exclusions.Don't click on ads on your blog.Not using Paid Traffic or Clicking.Not encouraging others to click on the ad.Do not click on the ad by changing the IP Address.Don't share anything like Adult Content and Alcohol on the blog.Do not place ad code in any place where there is no content.Do not place ads on blogs that do not support the language.02. Using Responsive AdSense Ad Units:Responsive AdSense Units are currently the most important factor in increasing Google Adsense revenue. If you survey, you will see that on an average, more than 50% of the total visitors to your blog are visiting your device from different types of devices, such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets. In this case, if your blog is not Responsive and does not use Responsive AdSense Units, then more than 50% of visitors are refraining from seeing ads, which means that you can not get any profit from those 50% visitors. So to increase the income of the blog, you must design the blog Responsive.03. Put the ad code in the right placePlace Google Adsense ad codes in a place that is easy for visitors to see. This will make your blog more likely to click on the ad. Google Adsense always displays content related ads, so when the reader can easily see the ad, he may need that thing. In this case, he will need to click on the ad. However, refrain from placing large amounts of ads within the content area of ​​the blog.04. Publish regular content:Content is the main and only way to increase the traffic and revenue of a blog. If you want to get a lot of new unique visitors to your blog, then you must post new articles regularly. When you follow SEO and share good quality content on the blog, both visitors and revenue will continue to increase. But one thing to keep in mind is never to share copied content when trying to share more content. In this way, instead of increasing the income, you can lose the Adsense account.05. Increasing the load time of the blog:To be sure, a fast-paced blog will be able to increase both visitors and ad clicks. If your blog is very slow then you will not get visitors and Page View in any way. Because if the blog takes too long to load then the visitors will feel annoyed and will leave your blog. Moreover, in the current state of internet speed in Bangladesh, you can understand what will happen if the blog is slow.07. Remove other adsIf you want to increase the revenue from Google Adsense ads, you must remove all the less important ads from Adsense. Then the load time of your blog will increase a lot. In addition, Google Adsense does not like to display other types of ads in addition to their own. If you use any other type of advertising before applying for Google Adsense, you must remove it. Otherwise the Adsense team will not approve your application in any way.07. Using Google AdSense Referrals:By linking your Google Adsense account to your Google Analytics account, you can easily learn more about your daily earnings. Moreover, through some sites, you will be able to know how and how much is being earned. For example, it will show the details of how much you earn by promoting blog links on Facebook or other such sites. This way you can easily understand what should be done to increase the revenue of your blog.08. Use of Google Products Monetization:You can use the Google Products Monetization options to earn some extra revenue from Google Adsense, that is, you can display ads on various other Google products. Here are some of the important products:Youtube Monitization: If you have good quality videos on your Youtbe Channel, you can easily increase your source of income by using Adsense in the videos by becoming a Youtube Partner. Note that in recent times, the easiest way to make money online is to monetize videos on YouTube.Using Adsense in RSS Feed: If you are using FeedBurner or have many subscribers, you can also increase revenue by displaying ads by adding Adsense account with RSS Feed.Google Custom Search: Almost everyone in our blog uses Google Custom Search Box. You may not know that ads can be displayed by adding an Adsense account to this Google Custom Search Box. When someone searches for something on your blog using Google Custom Search, some ads will appear at the top and right of the search results. This advertising will also play a role in increasing revenue.09. Use Google AdSense Standard Ad Size:Ad size has different Click Rate and Demand. Using the right size ad will increase the amount of income. For example, 790 × 90, 728 × 90, 336 × 280, 300 × 250, 300 × 600 and 468 × 60 are much more expensive than others. Besides, you will notice that there are two types of advertisements, Image and Text.10. High Paying Ads and Keywords:As I said before, Adsense always displays Related Ads with posts. For example, if you write a post about the game of cricket, then that post will show the advertisement of the game of cricket in most cases. Similarly, if you post about any subject in America, the post will show advertisements of that country. In this case you can share good quality posts using High Label Keywords using Keyword Tool. Then Adsense will display good quality ads on your blog. This will more than double the revenue of your blog. Moreover, the rate of Adsense advertising is higher in developed countries. So if you can target visitors from USA, UK, Indonesia, Australia then you will be able to easily earn good money even with few visitors.Conclusion: Here are the most important tips to increase revenue from Google Adsense. I can challenge any blogger to say that if one can fully follow these 10 tips above, then one can definitely earn good money (Smart Amount) by using Google Adsense on his blog.

The Great platforms for creating free websites

By creating a free website you can earn a lot of money if you want and many are doing it now.In the same way, when it comes to building a website, you need at least a little bit of coding. In that case, many of us do not give priority to creating a website - or many are afraid of how to create a website? Because many of us have little or no idea about coding.However, if you want, you can easily create a website without any HTML JavaScript or CSS coding concept by spending some time easily with the help of some free website builders. In this case, you need to take the help of some free website builder then you need to follow some important steps.So how do friends create a free professional website?No 1: Wix ( it is a popular website builder through which you can create any kind of free website if you want.All you need to do to create a free website is to login to the website and then work step by step. For example, you have to login to Gmail and then upload some scripts and install it This is a great platform to create free web sites in collaboration with 10 website builders With the help of this free website builder, you can create a website through a free plan. And you will get 500 free templates for creating this website.You also have to pay if you want to enjoy more opportunities Catch their monthly planes, in which case you will spend only $17 per month, through which you can enjoy endless opportunities.No 2: WordPress ( think this would be the best platform for you if you want to blog. It offers a beautiful customizable domain name and free hosting that you can use for life if you use any type of plan.You will also find many free customizable templates here that are free and updated regularly. Which you can use as you like and these will give your website a professional-looking to your site.No: 3 Weebly ( is a great platform for creating free websites. Which you can use very easily. It is also a great site for beginners who have no idea about the website. Whenever you create a website here, you will get a free domain whose name will be exactly like But as long as you don't want to spend any dollars, you can use it for free with limited access. If you give a dollar, you will also become a boss.No 4: Strikingly ( can create a free website on this platform and you do not need to spend any dollars to create this website. This means that you can review any type of product on your website without spending any money.You can also chat live with their support team 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for any information regarding the website. By doing this you will get the right solution to your problems.No 5: Site 123 ( you are thinking of creating a new website, then this will be the best site for you. You may not get all the support you get from other free website builders. In this case, you have their support team active 24 hours a day 7 days a weekIf you create a free website here, the domain name of your website will be a lot like this -