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Top 05 IT Profitable businesses for 23

There are many profitable IT businesses right now, and the best one for you will depend on your skills, interests, and resources. Here are some of the most lucrative IT businesses at the moment:Cybersecurity services: With the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to protect their data and systems. Offering cybersecurity services, including threat assessments, security audits, and incident response planning, can be a profitable business opportunity.Cloud computing solutions: Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses need help with migration, integration, and management of cloud solutions. Offering cloud computing services, including consulting, migration, and management, can be a profitable IT business.Artificial intelligence and machine learning: AI and machine learning are transforming many industries, and businesses are looking for ways to leverage these technologies. Offering AI and machine learning consulting services, including data analysis, model development, and implementation, can be a profitable business.Mobile app development: With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, businesses need mobile apps to engage with customers and streamline operations. Offering mobile app development services, including design, development, and testing, can be a profitable IT business.E-commerce solutions: With the growth of online shopping, businesses need e-commerce solutions to sell their products and services online. Offering e-commerce development and management services, including website design, shopping cart integration, and payment gateway integration, can be a profitable business opportunity.Overall, there are many profitable IT businesses right now, and the key to success is finding a niche that matches your skills and interests and that meets the needs of the market.


ICT Division and the World Bank will collaborate to develop ICT infrastructure

According to World Bank vice president Junaid Kamal Ahmad, the ICT Division and the World Bank would collaborate to establish ICT infrastructure in Bangladesh to advance the country's economic growth.According to a release, he said that today at a meeting with state minister for information and communications technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak in the latter's office in the ICT Division.They also talked about Bangladesh's startup scene, finance, and nanotechnology.According to the announcement, the World Bank will also offer general help in luring investment for the country's transformation and to establish a smart and inventive Bangladesh by 2041.

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top 10 skills that is required for freelancing

Technology, marketing, and customer service skills that are in demand for the freelancing world. Finding and honing a talent is the first step to take if you want to change careers this year.The best freelancing talents you may master this year to launch a new profession and make more money as a freelancer are highlighted in this post.The categories for making the most money as a freelancer are described in my earlier piece about the top paid freelance work. The list that follows distills those categories down to their most basic components to recommend certain abilities you should start honing right immediately.You'll see that I recommend novices acquire a marketable ability that is in high demand if you've read my book or followed the getting started guide.I used data from two polls (from Flexjobs, Indeed, and UpWork) to compile this list of the most in-demand talents. Some of these abilities can appear sophisticated or challenging, but if you comprehend them, learning them is not too challenging."To remain competitive, every organization is striving for the greatest employees. To find independent talent with advanced skills in fields like technology, marketing, or customer service, one must frequently look beyond hiring conventional full-time employees, according to Margaret Lilani, vice president of talent solutions at Upwork. Our research shows that, in addition to the enormous need for a wide range of professional talents, both large and small firms are changing the way they acquire talent and turning to freelancers to cover important skills gaps.According to a new Upwork research, skilled remote freelancing is still expanding. This past year, 53 percent of all freelancers offered specialized skills like computer programming or marketing, up from 50 percent the year before. According to Upwork's rankings of the most in-demand talents, highly skilled independent workers will be crucial to bridging talent shortages and meeting organizations' most urgent requirements in 2022.Upwork’s top 10 most in-demand tech skills:Web DesignWordPressWeb ProgrammingJavaScriptCSSHTMLPHPShopifyAPIGraphic DesignUpwork’s top 10 most in-demand marketing skills:Social Media MarketingLead GenerationFacebookSEOB2B MarketingInstagramMarketing StrategySocial Media ManagementEmail MarketingMarketing ResearchUpwork’s top 10 most in-demand customer service skills:Customer ServiceCustomer SupportEmail CommunicationPhone SupportEmail SupportCommunication EtiquetteOnline Chat SupportAnswering Product QuestionsData EntryAdministrative SupportFinding the right skill with good demand is important to earn more money as a freelancer. But, it’s even more important to find something that you enjoy doing.Don’t try to learn these skills if you don’t have any interest in them. Learn what you’d enjoy doing and you won’t have to “work” a day in your life.


Bangladesh Sheikh Russell Medal 2022

Online applications for the Sheikh Russell Medal are being accepted until July 9. Since June 10, applications for the award have been approved in ten circumstances.To fill up an application, interested candidates may go to www.sheikhrussel.gov.bd.Sheikh Russell, the youngest child of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, had his birthday honored as "Sheikh Russell Day" on October 16 to honor him and honor children.On this occasion, the "Sheikh Russell Medal 2022" will be awarded to organizations that support the growth of children and adolescents in two categories and to Bangladeshi youngsters under the age of 18 in eight categories.In the areas of Digital Excellence and Digital School, institutional awards will be given out.Following the "Sheikh Russell Medal Policy 2022 (Draft)" is required of applicants.Following review by the central committee, application verification and selection committee, and evaluation committee, the names of the winners will be disclosed on October 18.A laptop, a diploma, and a medal made of 22 carat gold will be given to the victors.


Top 10 eLearning education center and institutes in Bangladesh

With the progress of technology and its accessibility to the general public, online learning has become a learning reality for everybody. Whether a student or a professional, certain unique and special education may be required that is not always physically accessible to obtain. There are several online educational websites and e-learning systems that focus on authenticity and incorporating creativity into learning.Online learning has grown in popularity in recent years because it is both inexpensive and simple. Let's have a look at the top ten online education platforms in Bangladesh. You just input the web URL of the education platform you wish to use and then continue studying about the topics that interest you. Bangladesh, like other industrialized nations, has progressively grown in the online education industry.The following are the most popular educational websites in Bangladesh.10 Minute School The most well-liked online learning platform in Bangladesh is 10 Minute School. Even though it began as a modest project, this platform today has about 1,50,00 students who regularly attend sessions. This platform presently has various prominent figures and the well-known telecom business ROBI as sponsors. Candidates for the JSC, SSC, and HSC exams can take lessons on this site. Additionally, professional employees can get something from seeing some of their content.Shikkhok.ComThe idea of Shikkhok.com aspires to give rural and underprivileged students in Bangladesh and India free online education and top-notch Bengali language classes. Students and researchers interested in science and engineering should use this platform.Shikho Anyone may take several mock tests on shikho, which aids in their preparation for many courses. The website offers topics ranging from the JSC level to the BCS test. The model tests for your selected topic are available at several levels. On the website, there are also technical audio-visual training offered. Because of this, you may test out courses like CPA training, WordPress, SEO, affiliate marketing, graphic design, Android programming, etc. whenever you want. The most helpful aspect of this website is the blog area, which has a wealth of educational articles. With the assistance of this website, anybody may keep themselves abreast of the most recent developments in education.EducarnivalOn the Educarnival website, you may discover advice on how to be ready for competitive exams. You can try to answer prior questions on this website for state competitive tests like the SSC, Teacher Registration, Bank Jobs, Public University Admission Tests, Medical College Admission Tests, and other government recruitment exams, etc. Model tests are also being conducted there for each module. Additionally, you'll discover a part where outstanding academic essays are readily available. These summaries of many subjects will undoubtedly improve your studyShikkhok BatayonThe Bangladeshi government set out to digitally transform the country's educational system, and as a result, a website like this was copied. The website has been enhanced by PPT presentation slides created by instructors from various regions of the nation.Teachers from both schools and madrasas provide their own original stuff on this website. For academic courses at the secondary school level, they define several terminology and subjects.Thanks to this website, students from all around the nation may profit from studying from home. This website's study materials are broken down into three categories: general, technical, and madrasa.Amar PathshalaThey provide video tutorials so that students may acquire new material more easily.People looking for work have a completely separate part where they may get information on employment circulars.For children in grades one through twelve, there are already more than 12000 movies on this website. There are other courses for professional and skill development that anybody may attend. These good classes are entirely free.SrijonshilOnline education is becoming a widely available and profitable subject for everyone because of how powerful and widely accessible technology is nowadays. Online education can save a learner's life when certain unique and special lessons become more difficult to attend physically. It connects tutors, educational resources, and students like a bridge. On the websites given above, you may quickly learn a lot of stuff. Therefore, start learning your chosen education as soon as you can and don't wait. Because learning knows no bounds, and neither do age restrictions! Instead than skipping school anymore, simply take it.iZoom institute of IT iZoom has their own platform and  YouTube channels where they teach programming, Robotics to kids with STEM and Gamification. They have reached many kids, many views on our YouTube channel. They have introductory to advanced level of teaching courses like -Computer Programming Fundamental, Mobile Application & Website Development, Robotics & Embedded System Python Programming & Data Science, IoT & Data Science, AI & Robotics Vision. Not only that iZoom caters for job placement, freelancing and professional IT training are given here.eShikoneshikon Education Center is regarded as the Indian equivalent of Udemy. On this website, professionals create video courses and submit them. After students enroll in these courses, they may earn certifications. This website offers top-notch online courses taught by Bangladesh's top instructors and helps students develop their skills.iTesserect Technologies Ltd. Breaking the traditional culture and boxed learning methods, Bangladesh and south asian region has adopted the culture of STEAM learning, gamification, programming, technical knowledge, very well. Many leading tech, and health tech companies have ventured into this sector of learning how to code for young minds. Our company - iTesserect Technologies Ltd.  is one such EdTech company that caters for better learning in children with technology - Kids Programming, Educational Robotics tools, web designing, game development animation etc. 


eshikhon is giving free computer training for the students of Bangladesh

At present computer knowledge is compulsory in every government and private job. And for this, the IT training institute eshikhon (eshikhon.com.bd) has stood by the job seekers. eshikhon is giving free computer basics to those who are not getting jobs due to lack of computer or basic knowledge.The institution is giving this opportunity to 1000 students. The minimum educational qualification required to participate in the Basic course is HSC pass. This course will teach the basics of computer, internet, website, software, e-mail, Facebook page, Microsoft Word, Excel etc. used in government and non-government organizations.Ibrahim Akbar, CEO of eshikhon, said that despite the lack of basic knowledge in computers, millions of young people are left out of job applications every year. On the other hand, only computer basics are good and many people get jobs easily and they are ahead of others in terms of jobs. So eshikhonhas taken such an initiative again to eliminate the problem of unemployment and create a skilled manpower.Those interested can take this opportunity by visiting eshikhon, Panthapath office or by registering online. Fill out the form for online registration. Form link: https://forms.gle/mVo7jv58gbKET6P66.

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PayPal XOOM Connectivity Launch Speech of Mr Sajeeb Wazed

Honorable ICT Affairs Adviser to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Mr Sajeeb Wazed addressing at the "PayPal+Xoom Connectivity Launch in Bangladesh & Freelancers' Conference Inauguration Ceremony...

PayPal XOOM Connectivity Launch

Honorable State Minister for ICT Division, Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak addressing at the "PayPal+Xoom Connectivity Launch in Bangladesh & Freelancers' Conference Inauguration Ceremony"

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